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Here's a crafty way to reuse your Simplyclean laundry pail...Watercolour planters

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Create a marble effect on a plastic pail with leftover nail polish. Brush a coat of primer onto the exterior and the inner rim of your clean pail. Once dry, apply two more coats of paint, letting the pail dry completely between coats. Fill a container with enough room-temperature water to fully immerse the pail. Drizzle about ¼ of the bottle of nail polish over the water to create a film on the surface. Immediately swirl the polish using a skewer before it gets too sticky, then dip the pail into the water container at an angle and rotate it, allowing the polish to adhere. Pull the pail out of the container, let the water drip off and place upside down on a covered work surface to dry. Flip it over and fill with a leafy or flowering houseplant, making it even better for our environment!

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The safe way to keep germs at bay this Autumn and Winter

Freshly made, boxed this week and smelling fantastic, with a fresh new label too is our Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser in 250ml size. It's the ideal way to keep away the cold and flu germs that start floating around at this time of the year. The 250ml size is super at home on the kitchen bench [...]

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5th birthday makeover for Simplyclean

To celebrate our birthday and make it easier to see all the good things you're getting with Simplyclean, we've decided to makeover our labels and break out a new Simplyclean logo.  Product information will be easier to find, helping you make better decisions about your healthy home cleaning choices.Our new tagline - Really healthy. Really works. [...]

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Easter Simplyclean Prize GIVEAWAY

We have a fantastic Easter GIVEAWAY running over at Simplycleanhome Instagram. Head on over for full details, as you don't want to miss out!

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Christmas trading

Over the festive season it will take a little longer for your Simplyclean to reach you, so please allow extra time.We are "closed" from today until January 8th but will be shipping orders in the meantime. See you in 201*!

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Spring Clean 15% Sale

Simplyclean your way into Spring.  Winter is officially over and spring is suddenly upon us!To motivate you to take on your post-winter Spring Clean we’re offering a 15% discount on all Simplyclean products on our online store www.simplycleanhome.com.au.The discount of 15% is available for 3 days, 1-3 September 2017, and is applied to your total purchase when you check out. [...]

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Be Clean and Green and Help our Koalas

Every time you buy a Simplyclean product we donate five cents to the Lismore-based Friends of the Koala to help look after sick and injured koalas. At Simplyclean, we really want to put our money where our mouth is and make a tangible contribution to the work of this great local organization. Our business is fundamentally based on the need for environmental [...]

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At last! Australian Eucalyptus toilet cleaner launches.

The path to a new product isn't always easy. Months of "deciding" (ok, procrastinating) on the fragrance for our new toilet cleaner and now we have it!  Australian Eucalyptus with a hint of lavender. The lavender oil gives the freshness of the eucalyptus a warm rounding off. The result, an antibacterial toilet cleaner that quickly [...]

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We luuuv healthy people and a healthy planet

We aim to make your life a little bit more pleasurable. So, with the 14thFebruary fast approaching, make sure your love-nest is beautifully clean for your Valentine and take advantage of our Simplyclean 20% Luuuv Discount. The discount is applied to your total purchase during checkout and is only available from this online store from 7thto 14thFebruary 2017, inclusive.

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Wonderfully biodegradable hydrogen peroxide

Simplyclean loves hydrogen peroxide. It’s a fantastic germ and mould killer and super biodegradable and earth-safe.To show you just how earth-safe and biodegradable this ingredient is, I want to take you back (way back for some of us!) to high school chemistry……. the formula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 and when it biodegrades it breaks down to just water [...]

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