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At last! Australian Eucalyptus toilet cleaner launches.

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The path to a new product isn't always easy. Months of "deciding" (ok, procrastinating) on the fragrance for our new toilet cleaner and now we have it!  Australian Eucalyptus with a hint of lavender. The lavender oil gives the freshness of the eucalyptus a warm rounding off. The result, an antibacterial toilet cleaner that quickly kills germs with the fresh fragrance of pure Australian grown eucalyptus and lavender.

Of course our new Simplyclean Australian Eucalyptus Toilet Cleaner cleans toilets really well, using the natural power of citric acid to remove stains and scale build-up and gentle surfactants that provide a light bubbly cleaning action. 

Simplyclean Australian Eucalyptus Toilet Cleaner is available to purchase here at the Simplyclean Store and is on it's way right now to our retailers around Australia.